The Women of Appalachia Project is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit arts program curated by Poet Laureate Kari Gunter-Seymour (Ohio University). This exhibit includes work selected by Gunter-Seymour from the 10th anniversary exhibit currently hung in the WVU Downtown Campus Library. This online exhibit offers a virtual look into the work of artists: Barbara Fisher, Cheryl Harshman, Emalea Rupe, Corie Neumayer, Kari Gunter-Seymour, Kathy Guest, Lacy Davis, Robin McClintock, Teresa Sager, Wendy Minor, Sally Brown Deskins and Whitney Folson.

Say Cheese

by Andi Stern

City of Ghosts

by Barbara Fisher

Old Orchard Farm

by Cheryl Ryan Harshman

Beautifully Out of Place

by Kari Gunter-Seymour

Even a Vapour

by Emalea Rupe

Herons in Gold

by Corie Neumayer-Herons

Story of Hiding

by Kathy Guest


by Lacy Davis

At the Time

by Robin McClintock

Walk This Way

by Teresa Sager

Last Bloom

by Wendy Minor Viny

A Baptism of Feminine

by Whitney Folsom

Art Time Mama (Infinity)

by Sally Brown Deskins

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