Say Cheese

by Andi Stern

"My first memory of making art is my daddy teaching me how to draw a hot dog horse. My horse was on a river bank and there was a boat speeding along the river.  I painted him with tempera paint. I can still remember the texture of the paint as I brushed it onto the paper.  Later, my grandpa would give me stacks of Prismacolor pencils he brought home from his job at General Motors and I would happily draw and color for hours. My gran crocheted, my mom embroidered, and trips to Frank's Nursery and Craft or Lee Wards were a regular occurrence. I fell in love with everything about art, the tools, the images, and most especially the colors. 

I have explored many media over the years, moving from paint to fiber when I had kids because it was easier to put down a quilt or a beadwork, and no one ate my tools (yes, my second daughter found a tube of titanium buff too tempting to resist, that's when I started looking at how I wanted to continue to create). 

Now, I'm back to painting and drawing, and I'm telling stories that have been dancing in my dreams for years.  I'm looking forward to sharing my process and stories with you."