by Beth Ann McCormick 

(Program Specialist, Pathologists' Assistant Program

“The world as seen through rose colored glasses is a beautiful site" was a saying that I never really paid much attention to until I started working with glass. I have worked in a lot of mediums and glass has always been a fascination for me because it is never the same and
always different. It shapes itself into many things and can be both beautiful and sad. Glass has an expression all of its own and the artist can change that expression by the way they use glass in their creations. I have blown glass into many things, including paperweights, by adding
small pieces of colored glass and working the hot liquid into something that is unique and only mine. I have also used glass that has been flattened and tempered, to do stained glass pieces, even adding geodes into my creations because they give another dimension to my art. I have done glass fusing with small pieces of glass and glass dust for jewelry and other smaller items. I have always liked the uniqueness of what art brings to the world and what the artist creates in their minds eye.

orange paperweight 2.jpg
blue paperweight 2.jpg
stained glass moon (2).jpg